Our Summer of Fun continues with our Healthy Relationships project! 😊

Our Summer of Fun continues with our healthy relationships project! This is a project we have been building over the past several months with the intention of showcasing the talent and inner workings of our young people as they show us what they believe about nurturing bonds with others.

This project has been about exploring healthy relationships and what makes a relationship fulfilling and equal for our young people. Our weekly club Social Circle explores this in great detail, with our young people having important discussions through both talking about their feelings and expressing themselves through arts and crafts at the Tannahill community centre.

Our young people’s projects and discussions help to nurture a healthy and productive way of letting them express their feelings and build upon their relationships with each other and themselves. It is an invaluable teaching method that will serve them hugely later in life, showing that social development is equally as important as learning subjects and solving problems. We are so excited for the other projects we have coming up and we have been thrilled at the support and enthusiasm our Summer of Fun has received!

Tickets for Social Circle and other Summer of Fun projects are available on Eventbrite.

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