Bringing Virtual Reality to Paisley! 🎧

Our adventures with VR continue throughout our Summer of Fun programme!

Throughout the summer, we have been setting up our young people to experience the growing technology of virtual reality headsets. Our youth workers work with our young people to set up and explain how to use the VR headsets, enabling them to understand and experiment with the technology.

In local Paisley schools and community centres, both the worlds of gaming and virtual technology are open for our young people to explore. Youth Worker Kieran McPhail states that the project has struck a cord with Paisley’s young community:

β€œI think the VR experiences have went well and were well received and enjoyed by the young people who came along. The young people really took to VR really well and a lot of them kept coming back for more!”

He states that the VR offers young people the experience working with the new technology and allows them to get to know it on their own terms;

β€œI think VR offers young people really a window into something they may not have the chance to experience. Walking along the Grand Canyon in VR, taking in the sight of the Northern Lights in a dimly cabin in Norway or just sitting in a nice cosy room with your friends who are also in VR in their own homes.

β€œVR has so much to offer especially when it comes to seeing new sights and allowing people to connect and interact without staring at a flat screen. It also allows them to play some video games and -from personal experience- burn a lot of energy and get some exercise while still enjoying some gaming!”

We’re thrilled with the results our VR project has brought and we hope to see its success continue in the future!

Tickets for our Summer of Fun projects are available on Eventbrite.

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