Reflecting on Social Circle 💬

As we say goodbye to our weekly Social Circle project, we look back on the various important sessions we had with our young people and the value of this weekly project spanning several months.

Social Circle was a social space for young people to come together and discuss current events, the online world and building relationships with others. In particular, this club aimed to explore and discuss nurturing healthy relationships and how the digital age has changed and reshaped our worldviews with different topics each week.

It also aimed to be a safe environment for our members to discuss their feelings and emotions and share their views about what’s going on in our world. Our sessions intended to be informative, open and honest and most of all, fun!

Each week, our young people tackled social issues such as gaslighting, bullying, acceptance and what makes a relationship good or toxic. They discussed what makes a good friend, how to spot manipulative language and the best course of action to take when someone is being mistreated.

We are thrilled with the results of this project and we hope it will encourage our young people to take what they have learned into the future to be the change they wish to see in the world.

These final parting words from our young people showcase their hope for the future;

“I would like the world to have no bullies.”

“I hope that in the future, the world will be a more accepting place for everyone.”

“I would hope that the world could become a place where people aren’t afraid to show who they really are.”

Tickets for our other weekly Makerspace clubs are available from Eventbrite.

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