Paisley YMCA Board of Management

Paisley YMCA’s Annual General Meeting elects:

  • Chair;
  • Vice Chair;
  • Treasurer; and
  • vacant positions on the board.

To be eligible for election, you must be a Full Member.

Paisley YMCA’s Board of Management currently consists of:


(Acting Treasurer)

Diane Mitchell

(Board member)

Diane Mitchell | LinkedIn

Dave Keenan

(Board member)

David Keenan | LinkedIn

Gillian May

(Board member)

Gillian (Cairns) May | LinkedIn

Alex McFarlane

(Board member)

Alex McFarlane | LinkedIn

Stuart Lowe

(Board member)

Stuart Lowe | LinkedIn

Kerry McGhee-McGuire

(Board member)

Kerry McGhee-McGuire |


(Board member)