Paisley YMCA is a local charity that serves the local community by providing a variety of activities for all ages. These activities are designed to promote citizenship and develop community spirit by encouraging people to consider their environment while engaging intergenerational activities hoping to bridge the gap between young and old.

Our aims are to support and advance children, young people and adults to reach their potential by overcoming barriers that would normally exclude them, e.g. age; ill health; disability, financial hardship, racial discrimination and social class. 

All our activities provide recreational facilities within a safe environment that promotes educational and social activities for local young people. This includes group work such as team building, music, drama and computer coding, digital printing and manufacture, together with issue based work such as employment programmes, alcohol and drug awareness/ diversion initiatives, and others identified, from time to time, as being necessary.

Much of our work is delivered through digital youth work programmes based at our Makerspace or business incubator online, school based workshops and detached youth work activities focused on STEM based learning, enterprise and digital literacy skills, together with issue based work such as mental health, employability and intergenerational projects. 

We’d like you to consider supporting us in our work…

Scottish Charity SC017206