Paisley YMCA seeks new members to support us encouraging young people to live by Christian values – in particular:

• behaving towards others as they would be behaved towards;
• encouraging this in others; and
• supporting people in need regardless of their personal characteristics or affiliations.

We are an organisation based on living by and promoting Christian values, open for membership to people aged 16 and over of all faiths and of none

We recognise all the needs of young people – spiritual, social, educational and physical – and our conception of the Christian life embraces the wholesome satisfaction of them all.

We need the support of people, regardless of their religious beliefs, who share these values, so that:

  • we’re held accountable in terms of these values; and
  • we can draw on the ideas and time of other people who share these values, so helping us to develop.

We don’t want your money!

There’s no fee to pay in joining us. We do want just a little of your time (more if you have it of course, but membership is for us a values-based fellowship with minimal obligations).

The role of Paisley YMCA’s Members includes:

  • promoting the work and values of Paisley YMCA;
  • participation in general meetings in fellowship with others affirming our values;
  • receiving reports on Paisley YMCA’s work, for example its community learning and development programmes and services;
  • suggesting as appropriate potential improvements to services; and
  • attending the Annual General Meeting to elect office-bearers and the Board of Paisley YMCA.

If you join us but then find you don’t have the time or don’t want to remain a member, then you don’t even have to resign – we’ll assume your membership has lapsed if you miss three successive meetings without submitting apologies.

If you believe as we do in the value for young people of youth work which supports the development of skills and character, then we need you and want you to be part of our fellowship.

To join us in making Paisley and its environs a better place for young people to grow up in then please complete the Full Membership Application