Past and Present Projects.

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Raspberry Pi Drop (2020)

Nesta – Longitude Explorer Prize (2020)

A fantastic team of our young people took part in the Longitude Explorer Prize run by Nesta this year, they worked on developing a concept for an AI Powered Micro Farm. Successfully reaching the finals!

Girls In AI Global Hackathon (2020)

We took part in the the Girls In AI Global Hackathon as one of the the many Schools and youth Centres taking part in this Fantastic Global event. Our young people were asked to Prototype Apps that would use AI to Combat the growing Climate Emergency.


Jacquard binary – Co-production with Paisley Museum Re-Imagined. (2019-)

This Project is an ongoing Collaboration With Paisley Museum Re-Imagined exploring the connection between our modern day technology and the Jacquard Loom. This was a great project for our Digital Design Clubs on Saturday to look at the similarities and differences between our Vinyl Cutter and a Jacquard loom.

Using Coded Punch cards, we created new textiles taking the method of a working with a Jacquard loom and applied it to our Vinyl Cutter.

Street League Virtual Goalie VR (2019)

Club Media

Advanced Code Club (2020)

Here are some examples of creative coding that our young people who attended Advanced Code Club worked on during lockdown this year!

Digital Design Club (2020)

Here are some of our young peoples animations that they made taking part in our Saturday Digital Design Club between November 2020 and December 2020

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