Join Us: Full Member Application

Paisley YMCA is an Association based on living by and promoting Christian values, open for membership to people aged 16, of all faiths or none.

Our Full Members as is the case for our Youth Members, are asked to:
• treat everyone with kindness and respect; and
• commit to supporting our work with young people and the community.

The information you provide will only be used to support your membership by maintaining an internal member list and communication about the business of Paisley YMCA and opportunities to be involved.

(but in addition to the basic information requested for this purpose below, we would also like you to support our drive for equality and diversity
and so request additional optional information further down the form.)

Essential Membership Information

I affirm that I am aged 16 or older and that as a Full Member I will, in line with Christian values, behave towards others as they would be behaved towards, encourage this in others and support people in need regardless of their personal characteristics or affiliations.

  • I understand that the role of Paisley YMCA’s Association Members includes:
  • promoting the work and values of Paisley YMCA;
  • participation in general meetings in fellowship with others affirming our values;
  • receiving reports on Paisley YMCA’s work, for example its community learning and development programmes and services;
  • suggesting as appropriate potential improvements to services; and
  • attending the Annual General Meeting to elect office-bearers and the Board of Paisley YMCA.

I understand that my membership will be automatically renewed by attendance at general meetings and that should I not attend three successive general meetings my membership may be deemed by the Board to have expired.

Optional Equalities Information

Paisley YMCA is an equal opportunity agency both in the provision of services and as an employer of employees and volunteers. We recognise the benefits of a diverse community and are committed to being an inclusive organisation where everyone is treated with respect, dignity and where there is equal opportunity for all.

The information you provide is used only for monitoring purposes and none of the information is required – if you skip this section we’ll simply record as ‘prefer not to answer’.

Sex: Are you?

Gender: Are you?

Sexuality: Are you?

Age: Are You?

Ethnicity: Are You?

National Identity: Are You?

Religion: Are You?

Under the Equality Act 2010 a disability is described as a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on a person’s ability to carry out normal day-to-day activitiesWould you describe yourself as having a disability?

Long term health problems or disabilities: Are you?

If you have long term health problems or disabilities: Are you?

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