Whatever brought you here, we’re glad you’re interested in the work of Paisley YMCA and if like us you think that:

  • people should treat each other the way they’d like to be treated themselves; and
  • people who need support should get it regardless of whatever are their personal characteristics, then

we’d like you to consider supporting us by becoming involved in our work supporting young people in Paisley and its environs.

We’ve two main ways you can be involved:

  • as a member; or
  • as a volunteer.


Membership is open to all aged 16 or above who share our values and have an interest in young people in the Paisley area being supported in their development as

  • successful learners.
  • confident individuals.
  • responsible citizens.
  • effective contributors.

Membership is useful to us as a means of holding us to account for the work we do and the extent to which we’re delivering services according to our values. We’d like to think it useful to you to know that you’re supporting services for young people in the Paisley area and learning more about the contribution that youth work makes to young people’s development :).

Members are asked to to:

  • promote the work and values of Paisley YMCA;
  • participate in general meetings in fellowship with others affirming our values;
  • receive reports on Paisley YMCA’s work, for example its community learning and development programmes and services;
  • suggest as appropriate potential improvements to services; and
  • attend the Annual General Meeting to elect office-bearers and the Board of Paisley YMCA.

To find out about how to become a member, go to our membership information page to see what’s involved (and don’t worry, we’re asking for a little of your time, not money).


Volunteering with us is a more active way of being involved.

What we’d get from you volunteering is additional skills and perspectives. What you’d get is knowing you’re making a positive difference to the young people you support, and you’d be gaining transferrable skills which would help in other areas of your life :).

Before any arrangement to include you as a volunteer, we’d have to confirm that you’re a current member of the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme and we’d agree with you a specific Volunteer Role.

If you’ve:

  • time to support our youth clubs;
  • skills and knowledge to share with young people (digital skills, life skills, other skills or knowledge); and
  • patience (it always helps when working with young people), then

please get in touch with Claire McGinley, our Development Manager, to arrange a time to discuss how you might be able to contribute voluntary work to our mission.