Renfrewshire Youth Academies Now Underway

The Renfrewshire Youth Work Network supports the Outdoor, Culture, Digital and Community Empowerment Academies

The Renfrewshire Youth Work Network has organised youth work delivery into four Academies and the first one, the Culture Academy, led by our local partner Create Paisley, is now underway

There are four Academies:
• the Culture Academy (led by Create Paisley);
• the Digital Academy (led by Paisley YMCA),
• the Outdoor Academy (led by Renfrew YMCA); and
• the Community Empowerment Academy (led by Renfrewshire Council’s Youth Services)

While leading on the Digital Academy, Paisley YMCA is also supporting the others (digital art for the Culture Academy, ‘STEM in the Wild’ for the Outdoor Academy and support for the development of a new Community Empowerment Award for the Community Empowerment Academy)

The Academies were formed as part of the Youth Work Educational Recovery Programme, supported by the Scottish Government and they provide a framework for Youth Work Network members to gain recognition for the invaluable learning which comes from the Network’s various youth services

The recent fire at our Makerspace will inevitably hinder the Digital Academy a little but the majority of the work was anyway always intended to be conducted out in communities, and we’re now seeking partner venues to bring the Academy to local communities

The Academies will focus much of their work on some of the more deprived areas in Renfrewshire, but everything is open to all young people across the county

There’s an excellent article with more detailed information explaining the Culture Academy and the role of other partners including Right2Dance, at the Paisley Daily Express

And well done Alan and the team at Create Paisley for its early start!

Published by Craig Green

Chair of Paisley YMCA's Board

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