The Early Action System Change Renfrewshire Project: A Study in Positive Change and Investigation                                                                              

Paisley YMCA were thrilled to have been included in Darlington Service Design Lab online showcase event Change up! on the 26th October.

Join Us at our Friday Night Drop In! 🎮

Our Friday Night Drop In has remained one of our most popular clubs since re-opening our doors earlier this year. With a consistently high attendance record and a healthy batch of regular and newcomers, this club frequently demonstrates its value every week.

But what gives this club its core appeal and why do so many young people consistently turn up?

Reflecting on Social Circle 💬

As we say goodbye to our weekly Social Circle project, we look back on the various important sessions we had with our young people and the value of this weekly project spanning several months. Social Circle was a social space for young people to come together and discuss current events, the online world and buildingContinue reading “Reflecting on Social Circle 💬”

What place does Gaslighting have in toxic relationships? Social Circle debates 💬

As our Tuesday night Social Circle sessions continue, we have introduced specific topics concerning relationships and interaction for our young people to discuss and debate with the help of our youth workers. This week’s session was a discussion between our youth workers and young people on the definition and examples of gaslighting, and how itContinue reading “What place does Gaslighting have in toxic relationships? Social Circle debates 💬”

The New Dimension to Social Circle

During the pandemic in accordance with government guidelines, many of our clubs were moved to online zoom calls every week as opposed to physically interacting in the space. In spite of this and the challenges it posed, Paisley YMCA were committed to giving their young people a space with our youth workers to enjoy clubContinue reading “The New Dimension to Social Circle”

A Interactive Day of Fun with SoundPlay Projects! 📟

Our Summer of Fun project comes to an end with another collaboration from SoundPlay Projects!

Partnering With SoundPlay Projects for a Spaced Out experience! 😊

Read about our collaboration with SoundPlay Projects in our Summer of Fun!

Our Summer of Fun continues with our Healthy Relationships project! 😊

Our Summer of Fun continues with our healthy relationships project! This is a project we have been building over the past several months with the intention of showcasing the talent and inner workings of our young people as they show us what they believe about nurturing bonds with others. This project has been about exploringContinue reading “Our Summer of Fun continues with our Healthy Relationships project! 😊”

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