Digital Youth Work Explained

SWGfL (South West Grid for Learning) which is a “charity dedicated to empowering the safe and secure use of technology through innovative services, tools, content and policy, nationally and globally” has published a podcast interview with Hilary Phillips from YouthLink Scotland.

The interview “delve[s] into digital youth work, the digital divide, and challenges for young people and youth workers engaging online”.

This podcast about ‘Digital Youth Work’ references the work of Paisley YMCA a couple of times, and it’s a good place to start in understanding what’s meant by ‘digital youth work’.

The references to Paisley YMCA are a result of the pioneering work by our community learning and development team which has established the Renfrewshire Digital Academy, led by Darran Gillan, our Youth and Programme Development Manager.

The podcast also references the digital youth work resource hub, created by YouthLink Scotland with support from key

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Chair of Paisley YMCA's Board

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