It’s A Full Exhibition of Trail-Blazing Women – International Women’s Day at STEM Girls  

The stars aligned for some perfect timing this week as we celebrated International Women’s Day this year on the night of our weekly female-led youth club STEM Girls.  

For this International Women’s Day, we challenged our STEM Girls to pick an inspiring woman in STEM history or present and create an artistic tribute to them on their mini canvases. Once they were finished, we displayed them in a mini exhibition showcasing their artistic expression and admiration for the many amazing women who paved the way in STEM fields before them.  

Our STEM Girls show us every week what amazing young leaders they are – not just with their keen interests in STEM-related fields but in their intelligence and kindness to each other. Several of our older STEM Girls are now volunteers who go out of their way to help younger members and the group always takes time to help and give advice for those who need it with their projects.  

As we continue our future STEM Girls projects, we do so with the knowledge that International Women’s Day involves celebrating the incredible women of the future as much as it does the past, which is always our aim every Wednesday.  

To sign up for STEM Girls or any of our other free weekly youth clubs, register now on our Eventbrite page and follow our social media for news and updates.  

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