Welcome back to Paisley YMCA!

We are delighted to welcome all young people aged between 7 – 18 across Renfrewshire and beyond back to our space this week for our youth club schedule beginning in 2023! 

All of your favourite clubs are back, free and accessible to all young people at Paisley YCMA. Our current club schedule is; 

Mecha Monday (Ages 8 –17) – Every Monday 6pm – 8pm. MECHA MONDAYS are a weekly club where young people can come together for coding and stem/tech-based activities! With coding software and PCs, this is a great club for young people to come and develop their tech-savvy skills with our youth workers. 

Connecting Communities (Ages 18+) – Every Tuesday 1pm – 3pm. Connecting Communities is a free daytime Tuesday club for adults in Paisley area looking to develop their digital and tech skills! The space will include skill-building workshops including coding, graphic design and more with help from our experienced youth workers. If you are an adult in Paisley looking to build up some skills, come in and see what you’re capable of!

STEM Girls (Ages 8 –17) – Every Wednesday 6pm – 8pm. STEM Girls is a space for girls aged 8-17 to come together and have fun with STEM and STEAM focused activities and interactive workshops; Coding, VR, Digital Media, Robotics, Digital Art, Cyber Security, AI – these are just some of the areas we explore! We highlight the importance of female representation in STEM careers, we lift each other up and we have lots of fun! STEM Girls is about empowering, inspiring and believing in one another. We are Coders, Gamers, Artists, Engineers, Entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts – We are STEM Girls! 

Future Friday (Ages 8 –17) – Every Friday 6pm – 8pm. Friday nights are for fun! Play games, make friends, code and create new digital projects. Do you have a favourite game you like to play? Do you have a digital project you would like to get involved in? Have you created something you would like to share with others? Have you had a busy week and you just want to hang out and talk to friends? We are here for you! 

Satur-Play (Ages 8 –17) – Every Saturday 1pm – 3:30. Satur-play is a space for young people aged 8-17 to come together and have fun playing any kind of game you can think of! From Dungeons and Dragons games, console gaming, card and board games or crafting!  

Each are our clubs are open to register for free every week on our official Eventbrite page. All details will also be available on our social media pages, as well as all important upcoming projects and posts about our exciting club activity. We look forward to seeing you there!  

An End of Year Message from Paisley YMCA – 2022

2022 was a transformative year for Paisley YMCA. Following the re-opening of our space in 2021, we continued to develop our space and expand our youth work and support even further into the community. We developed a youth work schedule consisting of our free youth work clubs with a significant increase in registration and plenty of new faces!

We introduced new equipment for our space including podcast microphones and soundboard, printing and mug press, vinyl cutter, new craft materials and gaming equipment. We also began exciting new projects including collaborations with Paisley Museum and other Paisley youth groups, hosted our first hackathon, grew our very own food on our smart gardens in the window of our space, our Summer of Fun programme and many of our older young people becoming volunteers. We also added new elements to our existing clubs such as the addition of Dungeons and Dragons to our Saturday gaming club, STEM and coding projects to develop new technical skills and expansion on the activities young people can access in our space, as well as expanding our social media reach gaining new followers and traction.

We also developed a group for adults in Paisley to develop their technical skills and spend time with others called Connecting Communities. Our priorities are primarily youth work and young people but we view this club as another step of reaching out to the Paisley community to offer free support and care to those in need. As we reflect on the year, we look back with the perspective of how much we have developed since re-opening our doors following the impact of the fire that destroyed our makerspace in 2020 and the difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. We approached this year as one of healing and growth and we intend to carry that energy forward as this year comes to an end and another new beginning opens up.

We would like to thank our staff, members, funders, collaborators and most importantly our young people for helping us to rebuild and expand upon what we can offer to the community of Paisley and East Renfrewshire. As we begin our journey into 2023, we intend to continue our projects and ambitions to make Paisley YMCA a safe, welcoming and fun place for all to visit. We can’t wait to see faces old and new in our space in 2023!

Happy New Year, everyone!

This year’s October week began with a bang with our Halloween Hackathon! 🎃🎃

On 17th October, we hosted an all-day Halloween- themed Hackathon for our young people to attend! This was our first Hackathon in our current space, so we set out a plan for our young people to split into groups and come up with a campaign to tackle an issue that has been haunting them – climate change, bullying and other social/environmental issues that concern them – and their proposed campaign to present a solution. Attendance was high and we were ready to get started! 

The results were a full day of coding, creating and campaigning as our young people designed their campaigns to present at the end of the session, helped along by our dedicated youth workers. One of our favourites was the Fraudo campaign – one of our groups decided their haunting issue was the current price of Freddos and their solution was to design a competitor made with 100% soy milk for 10p. This campaign led to the development of an empire with additional products such as the Bite, the Bendy Wendy and the Tablet, cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternatives. Soon enough, some subtle advertising (described as “totally not propaganda!”) began appearing in our space and suddenly we had a craving for some Fraudos! It was a hilarious and creative campaign and we are immensely proud of our young people’s imagination.  

We also had plenty of Halloween tunes, sweets and pizza for lunch! We received some feedback from our young people as well, with comments such as “It was great, I liked the sweets!” and “I liked the Hackathon!”.  

This is hopefully the first of future Hackathons and other events we will be hosting in the future in our space and we hope to see more of our young people there! 

To sign up for our current weekly youth clubs and future events, please register on our Eventbrite. For more information and regular updates, please follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin.  

Paisley YMCA October 2022 Newsletter

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