National Young Readers Week at Paisley YMCA!

This week is National Young Readers week!

And to celebrate at Paisley YMCA, we asked some of our young people during this week their current favourite book and why;

“My favourite book is My Best Friends Exorcism, I like it because it’s spooky. I saw it on a reading app and it looked interesting.”

“My favourite book is either A Good Girls Guide to Murder, Inheritance Games trilogy and Scythes trilogy … Folk of the Air, as they are an escape from reality.”

“I like The Black Friend: On Being a Better White Person by Frederick Joeseph, because he talks about the truth of being a person of colour in high school. I also like My Hidden Race by Anyika Onuora because as an Olympic runner, she talks about how people try to hold you back as a person of colour.”

“I am reading Pony Camp Diaries; it’s okay.”

According to the National Literacy Trust, the rates of regular reading for children and young people is at an all-time low in 2023. However as seen above, many of our young people gave us some proof of some excellent and engaging reading material with a diverse media diet. We will always promote reading as fun and important hobby for young people and we love to hear which books are grabbing their interest!

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